Tuesday, April 5, 2011

lets party elder fisher!!


"What about your shoes? Can you wear VANS everyday? That is weird. And now other missionaries are wearing them. Is that ok with the President?" first off, mother we do not wear vans everyday.. just sometimes on pday... haha, your very silly mom... conference weekend was a blast... kicked it off with a baptism of Andrea! i did the honor.. the bishop said the fount was full on Saturday morning so i didnt worry about it.. but when it was time for the dunking their was only like 2 and a half feet.. i ended up having to dunk her twice cuz her knee came up the first time.. haha.. but we got er done... wow weee. the whole 10 hours of conference was super narley!! Mormons are so cool.. i knew this fact before, but everyday i keep receiving solid testimony backing up that fact...ya but conference was amazing.. we were able to watch it again in the high priest room in English!! much more inspirational!! im not gonna write everything i learned.. but i will share one thing.. elder uchtdorf said, we need to do more than just go through the motions... above and beyond.. up up and away!! and also that the best way to preach the gospel is through our example, and if needed our words.. that was a huge blessing i had to be able to listed and pay full attention to the whole 10 hours of conference.. im so blessed.. we also had the chance to rebuild a house this week.. a house of sheet metal if you will.. so we tore the sucker down and re did it.. better... with new materials.. i quickly found out that their were construction experts among us.. i felt as if i was in the was.. so i picked the most logical thing to do, i straitened nails!! fyi, nails in guate are not a one time use product. we did it!! i love service!! we find out changes tonight.. lets see...

Elder Oakey

you get what you got. stop moving farther away...
pic in the park
i float over you
neon trees
black and white
hows it going??

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