Sunday, May 8, 2011

this week was kinda crazy.. the catholics go all out this week.. lets just say that they are super creative and lets leave it at that... last week i asked a man from English class if we could come visit him... he said yes!! so we went over to his house and he wasn't home... the next day we came by and yuuuup he was home and so was all of his family!! new fam! they really have some potential en em!! i dont know why but i get super happy when i find new families to teach!! its like a spoon full of sugar!! and you know that helps the medicine go down.. we came home the other night and their was a kitty in our room.. super random.. so we played with it for a little bit. then we went to search for its family.. after one or two minutes we tried handing it out to people in the street.. but nobody wanted the poor little thing.. i ended up knocking on the neighbors door and asking them if they wanted it.. they said no.. but they said they recognized the kitty cat and the family might live in the tortillaria shack down the street. and guess what?! it was the family of the kitty!! wow, they were so excited to have that lost family member back in home.. after i felt kinda sorry that i was trying to give it away in the street... haha.... we are planning and preparing a missionary activity for the ward.. ill give you details when we get er done.. its gonna be huge!! everyone and their favorite uncle is gonna be their..!! stay tuned. happy days of birth to my brothers, Chan, Landon, and Ryan!! have a good one.. i met a guy from Wilmington!!.. haha he is a thug.. but were good buddies...
"sleep tight dont let the bed bugs bite" is a real and true statement!!
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