Sunday, May 8, 2011

wow.. its all happening.. i dont really know whats happening but its happening... i cant explain it.. i dont even know if its good or bad, happy or sad.. anyways.. we got 7 investigator to Church yesterday!! and 2 families!! yup.. and one of my investigators from San Francisco was baptised an i got permission to go to her baptism!! very cool.. we also had interviews with president this week.. i always like interviews it kinda brings you back to square one.. president Alvarado leaves next change and then we get president stay.. i guess its a good experience to have 2 presidents on your mission.. change is good, it makes you get out of your comfort zone and better yourself.. Conchis our cooker lady, has been really sick this week.. her daughter has been cooking us food.. its really weird to see Conchis like this.. she has to stay in her bed and she is very not like her self.. she is normally very animated and making jokes and havin a fun time, but right now its the opposite.. and it makes me sad to see her like that.. so if you could pray for her she would like that.. thanks.. i love the guide of the spirit!! last night as we were walking to dinner as saw a house off in the distance with the lights on, as i saw it if felt right away that i should contact it!! its always "just one more house" haha.. the good ole spirit did er again!! new investigator family!! another cat story: the other night we saw a cat up in a tree and the firemen were trying to get it down, their was even a crowd!!.. haha its a Clifford classic!!! Task for the week: study and find what the song of the heart is.. Ready.. Go.. On of the hardest emotional things to deal with here on the mission is with families not accepting this Gospel.. when they say no, something inside of me bursts and i cant control it.. its really the saddest thing ever.. because without this gospel in their lives they will never really be able to be "happy". they will be separated at death. their is a whole bag of blessings they can receive, and its right in front of them, its even free. all they need to do is act.. demonstrating faith with their actions.. but God is big on agency, and we cant change that.. sometimes i think. is it me.. am i the one that is not teaching correctly.. or a better question.. do i have the spirit with me.. if i dont have the spirit with me when im teaching then its almost positive that they wont feel the spirit, and if they dont feel the spirit they can never have a conversion.. so in the long run its really up to me..
like Elder Ballard told us.. "we have to be dang good"..
i love you all,
take luck.
"i wish i had a dollar for every time i spent a dollar".....
Elder Oakey

Jennifers Baptism


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