Tuesday, May 31, 2011

We were holding on off the side of a bus going out to pueblo modelo, and a random lady gave me 5 quets and walked away.... about 30min later after we were done teaching a lesson to a part member family, they asked if they could have 5 quets to buy water... the Lord sure does work in mysterious ways!! i went on some divisions with some elders of my district this week.. im pretty sure i learned more from them, than what they learned from me.. we had the chance to see dr.phill hall at the airport friday morning at 6 am before he left.. we talked for a few min and it was good to see someone from my home land.. they wouldnt let me into the airport cuz i didnt have my passport.. so that was a bummer.. but it was worth it!! we had a super sweet investigator family show up to church yesterday.. i was so happy when they showed up!! i cant explain how happy i was!! or maybe.. lets see.. super duper luper happy.. ya, and thats really happy for me if you didnt know.. sorry no zacapa crips yet but its commin...
Elder Oakey

option 2
Mr. Billiards

man on the moon

Dr. Phill

chambers is dying

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