Tuesday, May 31, 2011

ok.. i had changes.. im now in a area called los almendros (the almonds) in zacapa.. i was also called to district leader.. as matthew said im glad i dont have sisters in my district.. haha.. (no offence Becca).. my new comp is named elder castillo from el salvador, he has around 9 months in the mission.. so i never got to see my baptism presentation when it was presented.. kinda sad.. but it happens.. Zacapa is like st.george summer weather all year round.. but the catch is that their is no air conditioning.. so you pretty much sleep sweating, haha... our house is pretty cool. ill make a quate cribs zacapa video this week for ya.. we have a huge mango tree in the back yard.. the mangos are huge.. and gynormous lizards and creatures live in it.. i met all the neighbors by asking them if they had a plunger that they would lend me.... they all got a kick out of that!!

the kids here mostly play with marbles and with tires.. they roll the tires.. we met the sunoon family, (check the pic).. their house is made of a tin roof with a dirt foundation and wooden posts with a tarp for walls.. they also live without electricity or running water.. as we were teaching them i was just pondering about their situation and thinking if i could live like that.. It really brings you back down to earth.. i even feel bad that us missionaries live in some of the nicer houses in all the areas that we are in.. today for pday we went to chiquimula to play soccer with the zone.. it was fun. we have a actual ward here in los almendros. about 85 to 90 active members.. well were workin building the kingdom

Elder Oakey

salva vidas

hechando hueva

Elder Castillo

fam sunoon

bye bye conchis


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