Thursday, June 16, 2011

happy fathers day... 4th quarter has officially started!! last Monday we went to the volcano Ipala.. it took about 2hrs and 4 buses to get their.. its a volcano with a lake on top of it.. the bus drops you off about half way up the volcano.. and from their you have to walk another 45 min strait up to reach the top of the beautiful volcano.. the view was very nice from the top.. but one time up the volcano is enough.. some of the elders have been like 4 times.. haha... last week i contacted a lady and she said that we could come back the next day to talk to her.. we came back the next day and she said she didnt have time, but she said she would come to church on sunday.. so we said ok we will wait for you at the front door.. as we left we told each other that she just said that so we would go away.. but on Sunday, that woman showed up to church!! and i wasn't even waiting at the door for her.. the only reason i was not waiting at the door was because she came 20 min late.. but she came and i was so surprised i almost didn't recognize her... on Tuesday night we were at the tienda right next to our house and it started to rain.. i just booked it home and left my comp in the dust cuz i didnt want to get my stuff wet. i made it to the door step right before it started to poor down.. my comp got a nip of it though.. haha.. we didnt have any running water this day, (one day on, one day off), so i got into my swim shorts and went outside under the rain to take my shower!! i have to admit, that was my first rain shower in my life.. the only bad part was that i got soap in my eyes and i couldnt see where i was going... but good times.. their was even a little river going down our street.. haha i taught primary class yesterday.. cuz none of the primary leader showed up.. it was a crazy experience.. the kids were crazy, but really smart these little squirts.. i just taught them about missionary work and how they can prepare themselves now... we found a family on friday!! the family ramos.. 6 kids!! they came to church also!! they are awesome, they seem that they are really interested! and im so happy for them!! alright cool...
Elder Oakey

Zona Zacapa
rain shower... soap in eyes, first timer

kiss fm

its just something about rides

connect 4

another bridge

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