Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mom, your zip line videos were super dope!! good job.. ok here is the guate cribs los almendros zacapa edition.. im sorry its not as cool as the others. but the first shot is always the best.. and this was the first shot.. so their you have it.. enjoy.. last week when elder Erickson and i were on divisions a investigator asked us if we wanted some pineapple juice.. we said yes!! as we were taking the first gulp she told us that is was a little strong... and i can testify that is was.. it was a family special fermented pineapple juice.. she asked us if it was too strong for us.. while laughing we said yes it is to strong for us. and we told her it was alcohol.. she didnt think so cuz it was a fruit she said.. haha who knows... she willingly gave us a glass of water instead!! the other morning we helped this guy that lived down by the river moves huge rocks to his house.. he uses the huge rock to put in front of his fence, he puts sand over them and makes a burm so that when it rains it doesn't flow into his house.. so for a couple hours we were hauling rocks on our backs slash shoulders from the river to his house.. about 200yards form river to house.. we had to help each other put the rock on our shoulders.. we ended up estimating that the rocks eighed from 100 to 175 pounds.. and yes my body did hurt the next day.. good turn daily.. the Bishop has now made a schedule for our Sunday lunches with members.. yes!! score!! haha.. this Sunday we ate with the family galindo.. they are super cool, Julio just got back from Uruguay from this mission and Diego is going in a few months.. it was fun to get to know them a little better!! Elder Tiu, one of my ZLs came to my area this week and did divisions with me! Tiu is a very small cool guy!! haha. we had a great time and we learned alot from each other.. he is from Honduras.. The other night while we were just roaming around contacting people i saw a lady walking with her kids with all of her bags of groceries. i was contacting someone at the time, but i felt a strong impression to contact her.. after i was done contacting a dude i caught up to her while she was resting and grabbed some of the bags to help her to her house.. the house was kinda far away so we had some time to talk.. a long story short, she told me that her husband had died a few years back.. i asked her if she wanted to know where he was. she answered me with a confused face but she said yes.. we got to her house and we ended up giving the whole plan of salvation lesson to her and the rest of her family which included her mom.. the moms husband passed away also.. i felt very honored to be able to testify to them that God is our loving heavenly father and he has provided us with a way where we can live with our families for eternity, and that they can see their husbands again..
Elder Oakey

thats what i like about sundays


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elder tiu

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