Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dec 31, 2009

haha that was a long drive 15 hours hehe
ya L tom perry talked about Jesus!! his earthly ministry and just about his life.. Cuz you know it was christmas
dont worry about stamps ill get them in Guat. i have to use theirs anyway
the only thing i can do on the computers is this email.... the computers are communist ... their is not even a my computer button.. hehe
ya i get dear elders every moring and afternoon!! thanks
lewis got here yesterday cj saw him but i havent yet..
heather remember that the truck is child proof.. their is no trick about it.. ha
sweet a package!!! send 1of my small mouth nalgne bottle please.
and my big brown beanie that looks like nasty girl pig tails,!! its in my snow cloths bin!!
if you can thanks
my favorite scripture is DyC 52:9 give that to the bishop.. idk how the pic works but it will be fun!
the RC is so fun Referal Center!! we answer calls and messages from so we recieve inbound calls and we can instant message people if they have questions on the site.. we also do outbound calls to see if they got thier items.. like a free bom or bible or the movies.. and we can send them to them.. through mail or we always ask if they would like some representatives from the chuch to bring the item to them.. then we leave them with a message and testify!! its fun cuz they are real people not just another missionary..
heather ill send the card back to you...
you too mom send your card to me and ill take pics and videos for you then send it back?!! i just dont want to send mine

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