Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jan 7, 2010

no one is e-mailing me anymore, this is good, just write me!!
mom dont worry it was just mrs judd!!
no package yet.. i may get it today, but who knows..
my first lesson in spanish is on tuesday!! it will be fun!
mom, how is you new calling? what do you have to do? are you the back up table cloth bringer lady?? hehe
im thinkin i want another pair of shoes before i go to guat, the older ones are just horrible.. so i dont even wear them cuz they are so not comfortable..and thats saying alot. and if you send me new shoes while im in guat they will just get stolen.. pick some good ones pop please!!?? 8 or 8 1/2 thanks not the same ones that i have
i keep finding kids that look familiar so i talk to them and i end up knowing them! their has been 2 that i knew from elementry school..!
will you send me gavins and stephens adresses please? and a mini calender of all the b-days i should know and emails.. and most important adresses of people so i can write them...!!
maybe in guat i will be able to use my G-mail?? posible..
mom, this is the only e-mail i can check. thats it..
while at the mtc..
hermono helewell is not our teacher anymore....sad..
BUT.. and it a big BUT.. hermono jermenaz is a amazing replacement..
he is from mexico and he also served his mission thier.. he realy only speaks to us in spanish!!
hermono chandler is our other teacher who his been whith us the whole time.. i like him alot
did you make my life size me yet?? cardboard elder oakey??
tye trading is really fun, ive done some wicked trades so far!!
ill be sending a box home close to the end with all the cloths and stuff i dont need..
send the rest of my ties so i can trade them please
love you all have an amazing life

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