Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hey its Heather,
My family had the opportunity to talk to Elder Oakey yesterday when he had his lay over in Texas on his way to Guatemala. He is doing great! He loves speaking Spanish he still has some problems with having a conversation but he gets the point. He seems really excited for his mission he is really focused on teaching the gospel. He did not say anything about missing home but we all know Paul he would not tell us even if he was home sick. Lol!! He did not loose or gain any weight in the MTC so everyone who has bets on how much he will weigh I hope that is a good thing. He did puncher his right ear drum again. I know everyone wants to know how he did it... He was blowing his nose!! Lol!!! So he got to leave the MTC to go see a specialist. He said it was fun leaving campus. The Doctor had to check everything out to see if he could go on the plane but there was already a scab so he was good to go. They put a video camera in his ear he said it was really cool. He was traveling with 7 other elders! I will post pictures soon! Please write him he would love to hear from everyone! The best way to write him is through The info is on the right hand side of the page!! Let me know if you have any questions thanks for reading Elder Oakey’s Blog!!
Heather Marie

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