Monday, March 29, 2010


Hi everyone,

Mom and Pop, im am really sad to hear that you had to mow the lawn, i hear that is pretty hard vasquez de leons house he raises callo for fighting.. he took some out and we took a video of it,. it was super bad!!! yes indeed it was... on the way home in the bus, a song came on..!! it was , if you think im sexy and you like my body come on baby let my know.. hehe silly silly song... i got bit by 2 dog today.. only in the pants though... haha ...i rang in the second change with a latino comp!! elder loaisiga from nicaraqua..he only has 2 months left.... he is kinda baggy so i gotta push him alittle, but once he gets going he is a champ... elder flake went to chiquimula....elder loaisiga had a close call today.. but he made it...!! calidad!! at minors house we had smoothies they were amazing!!, minors wife made me read a poem in english and she recorded me!! haha.. i have to use my dictionary alot more, cuz elder loaisiga can only say thankyou and whats up dude in english.. haha. its helping alot with my spanish!! shower poop se chupe, i need a super high quality one! mom the green frog shower poof you sent me was pretty high quality but not enough... so i need a fully loaded one hook and all!!!....i heard a daft punk song!!!! for language study today i translated a song called. mi corazon esta colgando en tus manos.. we were surrounded by little kids in a dark alley today... around 15 of them they were demanding answers.. like how do you say horse in english.... haha. i guess you gotta give them a break.. they dont get to see a gringo everyday!! ..... a investigator whipped out his guitar and jammed out! it was very beautiful... we were locked in a alley and had to ask someone to unlock it for us.. its alot more intense than it sounds!..hahaha.......well heres a funny story.......on sunday we picked up gabrial and headed for church...grabbed a bus that said mixco parque, cuz thats what we normally grab.. we jumped on in and it was weird cuz everyone was dressed like they were going to church!.. a little down the road a guy stood up and started to preach... a guy preaching is pretty normal in busses.. but everyone was particitpating.. that is not very normal.. now the whole bus was singing and clapping. and praising the lord.. ummu huh amen.. we were the only ones to get off at our stop.. i looked back and their was a evangelico sign on the side of the bus.. haha good times........ i just barley got letters from tyson mom matthew jaimee the allens! i didnt have time to read them yet.. next week!
Elder Oakey

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