Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Hey Family and Friends,

satilite is a litttle communtity in our area.... and im in the same area as the first change....... i saw the biggest pigs in my life the other day.. they were really like 300 lbs.. it was life changing...we got to help some ladys make tamales, mine were flat out costom! i drank not clean water.. elder loaisiga drank some and i thought it would be ok but it wasnt...that was 4 days ago.. and im doing just dandy.. we had 3 fechas for baptisms but one of them was drunk when we went to his last cita.. so its down to two.. conference was great for all the investigators! on saturday we were at the church from 9.30 till 8.30 it was a long day but it was fully loaded with amazing talks! us white boys got to go in another room and watch it in english!!.. it was the best conference i have ever listend to. inbetween the sessions we went contacting.. their were some wierd stuff going on in the streets cuz it was semana santa...... kinda creepy.thanks for all the letters they were great.. Dad your letter was great thanks. will you send me my line of athourity please........
i love you all , the food is great, the people are amazing, and no matter what happends, everyday is a good day.. happy b-day big cousin!

Love Paul

Semana Santa


Justin no elder



Fist Zone

e. Loisiga

2nd zone

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