Tuesday, March 23, 2010

ok......... its Marley Monday.... but i didnt hear anything close to bob...no soccer last p-day.. we had to go and buy another camera for elder fake.. it was lost of stolen a couple weeks ago... i wrote alex back.. i wonder how long it takes to get to her house.. a member wanted to take us to zona 1 today but the zone leaders said no.....o...ok.........we saw a car crash today. it was not that bad but it was fun to see!.. in meeting of the district this morning, we switched comps. i got elder udall for one day... in my area.. im pretty sure i know it well enough. we where waiting in a members house for like 15 min all by ourselfs.... we had to turn off the tv cuz the soap opera was getting super intense... haha... we had most of our appt. in Satilite today.. . in the evening thier was this lady super drunk... haha she was yelling at everyone in the streets and almost falling over when she walked. elder udall and me almost pulled the make her fall over trick.. this is where you start talking to a drunk person and you and your comp start to move your bodys in a circle motion at the same time.. the drunk personage is now thinking he is going crazy, or going to fall over.. so he or she in this case.. over corrects themselfs and falls over!!! but we didnt.....service!.... i did some real physical work today!! elder udall and i shovled dirt into buckets and carried the buckets to a pile and dumped it..... wow it was amazing... my hands are getting pretty girly, but im proud of myself cuz i didnt even get a blister, i repeat i did not get a girly little blister..... in the afternoon we where walking (im with elder flake now, we switched back).. 3 little kids where going to town on this pallett, with axes and knifes and pick axes! get er done!!! .... o yes elder udall and me last night fired platnos.. they are alright....... had a narly jump rope session this morning.. and i found out my camera is super sweet, cuz i can do like special effects and crop and add stuff!!!! their is this tiny car lot by our house with older cars and i guess this afternoon they got some new cars.. and they didnt have enough room.. so they had a fork lift and they just stacked the cars! problem solved.....we went to the office in the morning in zona 9.. cuz elder flake has this rash thing. and he needed to see the doc.... after we went to pres house in zona 14,(in a mini van). wow his house is so nice! mom idk if the dear elders come in order... its kinda confusing somtimes.. haha.. And Heather idk where you live right now cuz in every letter you say you are in a different state or out of the country.. ha.. o gavin got his letter.. good cuz i sent that 2 months ago, from the mtc..ha.. mom idk what you were talking about in the letter with going on a hike and ducktape..... haha. those pics are from one of our little mt. towns in our area, we where just contacting..! if you send a package ever you should send my potatos like matthew! o yes and some members want some english himnos.. so if you could send some of those too... but whenever dont be in a rush or even if you dont send them its ok........ tonight we find out where we are going! its changes already.. it was a super long day of people not being home so we did alot of contacting......well they called and elder flake is finally leaving this area after 6 months haha.. i get to introduce another elder to this area.....we took alot of pics today cuz flake is leaving tomarow.. and we watched the testaments in spanish we a bunch of the youth in the ward.. they just barly called us and told us that tomarow we have to stay inside all day.. and not to leave the house......ok....... wonder what happend..... we burned elder flakes 6 month tye!!.......wow this morning at about 9 they said we can leave the house but not to leave the area... their is a bus dirver strike going on right now so...idk if that had anything to do with it.... now im sitting in a internet place closer to our house in our area.. my pic chip has a virus on it....




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