Monday, March 15, 2010

Hello everyone,
good job pop! keep up the good work... last p day i got my first real letter... it was from alex!.. we also had a guat slash mex bar bq it was really good...ivanglios..idk how to spell it.. but they do missionary work on saturdays.. we were going to a apointment and the other missionarys where contacting the house we where going to.. haha we just waited behind him untill he was done and then started talking to the lady. the other missionary was really confused slash mad slash idk what they think.... i found the best pan tienda!! its in satilite!......E.flake and i got to go to the temple today! super sweet! we wore little head sets cuz we were in a spanish session though.. we went by the mtc, it is tiny.. i steped in dog crap for the first time.. haha good times .... i made a dumbell......i walked around this corrner and this dog was airbore with its mouth open in super shread shop mode, a few feet before contact.. the chain caught him... wo... its kinda wierd cuz thats really the only dog i have seen on a chain.. but... a few min latter the dog was walking around just chill with his chian dragging haha.. i guess it broke.. ha random but something to write..we contacted this older dude and he invited us in.. to get to the point..... he said that 2 years ago God Jesus Peter James and John came to him and said that in 50 years will be the end of the world...... and he said he is the last prophet on the earth that God has talked too.. ok ... i love noodles..... a guy gave us a ride in his mazda 6.. he was catholic and said he was not going to change... so we gave him a pamplet and said good luck thanks for the ride........hey dad can you get my my like of athority please? it would kinda be cool to have and use.
i saw a pickup with this on the window

.............SAME DAY DIFFERENT BULL........ hehe










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