Monday, April 12, 2010

mom, i live in nueva vida, its by mixco...
last monday i found a lebron james USA team jersey in a paca!
on tuesday we had to go all the way to montuford for service.
wed. was zone conference.. on the way home we jumped on a Antiqua bus, cuz they usually stop right by our house... but this time they didnt stop when we told them too..... so we almost went to antiqua.. which for missionarys in our mission, is off limits.... hehe.. good times. heather thanks for the 3 page long letter, it was....idk i dont have words to explain it..... haha.. i heard the song fireflies by owl city, and i sang alog ,how neet.. neet meat......... today it rained..........
it rained for 1 hour and it was the hardest rain i have ever experienced. it was life changing...... when it started to rain we ran to our cita.. we didnt get too wet.. i sang the lord is my light in english for some of our investigators today.. they like it... alot..... fam gomez gave us red beans for dinner tonight.. im gonna return the container with JELLO! cuz everyone loves jello!.... i gotta stop eating as much as i use to eat because i dont work out as much as i use to. i only have 6 now......... we found a super sweet family, and were gonna baptize them all.!!!!!!!, after we teach them the lessons,,, of course......we ran this morning......, elder loaisiga is really slow and fat.. but he only has 2 months left... so i gotta get him into shape.. cuz no grils are gonna want a fat RM...well maybe..., but anyway.-..-.-.. were gonna baptize eduargo next sunday..... i blessed the sacrament for the first time .. in spanish....... ha.. and my comp went to go give his testimony so i did too....!..... we found out that a girl at church was not a member and she has been comming to church for a long time.. so we were like... hey, do you want to be baptized?... we are teaching her this week!the bus driver home was crazy! he almost filpped the dang thing on every conner... and i think he misunderstood the meaning of a speed bump.. cuz when he saw one he would go faster... hehe..... i went up to some dunks and shook their normal.... one of them said help me... so i went to give him a pamplet and he said no.. help me.. and we said.. give us your direction so we can come over and teach a lesson another day when your not drunk... he said no help me.. he was a big black guy and he had big blue eyes.. but.... he said why cuz im black... and we said no cuz where in the middle of the street and your drunk.. and we shook hands and left... but when i shook his hand it was really weird... he grabbed my hand really hard and he would not let go and he was stairing at me right in the eyes.. it was a really wierd feeling.......but anyway, i thought i was gonna have to go all ape on him if he didnt let im a missionary, and missionarys dont go all ape on people...well i love you all......... and the church is thats about it for now.. vaya pues

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