Tuesday, September 21, 2010

well hello...
this week was just smack full of service... one day we chopped a yard.. the next day we helped put in a drain pipe... the next day we played soccer really early in the morning in the church with the young men, then we helped set up a party.. when we were walking home from setting up and neighbor told us he needed help.. so ya we said yes... we ended up going up on his roof and water proofing his metal roof with tar... haha .. he couldnt do it cuz he is fat and the roof would cave in with him... we threw boards down so the roof wouldn't fall in.. haha.. hey i found a penney on the street.. like a real quality USA penney...i thought it was pretty random to find one way down here.. haha good day... on mondays we eat breakfast with our comedor.. we were walkin back today to our house in our normal cloths.. and the guard didnt recognize us and asked us what we wanted.. haha.. i said well we live here, we are the elders the missionarys.. haha.. it was funny..hahaha ok are you ready for your quiz slash workshop slash fun fact of the week slash super narley cool...thing,haha
well the thing is the book of mormon has 6 names of women.. where are they? and also it says Jehovah 2 times where are they.?? only in the bom... maybe its a good fam home evening. remember its only in the bom... good luck...
bye bye
Elder Oakey

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