Monday, November 15, 2010

so yup.. i went on divisions with elder goodman this week for a few days.. i learned some new super sweet skills... i found a big mouth billy bass when i was on divisions!! it just made my day to see that cute little bass do its singin and bust some moves!!! classy!! so we got invited to a bday party, so we went.. it was a less active member fam.. but a long story short.. the clown made me go infront of a bajillion people.. and do some STUFF.. dont worry i had the thumbs up ok from the stake pres and bishop that were present.. i must have done good cuz the whole bajiliion people were crackin up.. wait.. i did good or i just looked like a fool... well anyway i took first place and got a prize.. i ended up giving my prize to one of our investigators kids who are super poor, to Lester and Johnathon Guzman... they are a super sweet fam that we contacted my first night here in jalapa.. they even came to church with us.. they are all preped, they dont assist a church, they believe in God, they dont work on sunday, they are married, their awesome and they can read and understand!!! perfect!!! im super stoked for the Guzman fam!! after the clown bday party we took the back road to the next lesson in a little pueblo in the mountains.. it was an adventure.. the question elder briones asked me was.. hey oakey, do you want to take the long lighted paved road way to the next lesson, or do you want to take the dirt short cut in the dark jalapa forest with nun ghosts and quick mud... what kind of question is that?? nun ghost and quick mud!! hollar!! but, and its a big BUT, i did not read the fine text that noted elder briones has never really been on the trail.... but.. ya.. thats all i can tell you.. i dont want you to worry.. im missing a shoe but alive, and i was able to attend the choior practice for ward conference next Sunday.. the bishop asked us to help out... that just kinda tells you of the attendance and talent of the minerva jalapa ward.. sorry i cant send my clown act video to you.. its too big... and im not a super high tec computer dude.. so im thinkin you can just see it when i get home..
happy bday my nephews, jaxton and daxton!!
ok love ya byebye now..

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