Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hey family and friends,
thats me and pres at zone conference a couple weeks ago...
well.. last week i forgot to tell you about another crazy thing that happened to us.. we were waiting at a gas station to switch back from divisions.. and out of nowhere a swarm of bees attacked us.. dont you worry grandma i did not get one bee sting.. our plan A was to run.. and plan B was to be a man and fight the swarm.. well, plan A worked just great. so.... happy bday my little cousin Brandon!!
o yes, i was just informed that it is this week is thanksgiving... ya, here in guat they dont really celebrate it.. i didnt even realize it was coming up.. but i can be grateful whenever i want... every morning we have been going to the church at 6 to play ball with the elders in the area next to ours!! its super fun, and it helps us get up and really take the word of wisdom to the extreme.. exercises is key to fulfilling the word of wisdom... are you obeying the word of wisdom... huh?? well get to it...we had a with member lesson and we took bikes... it was alot faster... and rock out with your nametag out..
Elder Oakey

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