Monday, January 10, 2011

hello.. we found a new way to meet our neighbors.. its genius.. we simply ask to borrow stuff.. and then we end up talking to them.. we gain their trust by taking it back on time.. haha its working pretty good.. (borrowing stuff like pans, or a cup of sugar, ect. ect.).... haha we find out tonight if we have changes.. im thinkin that elder Udall and i will stay together for another change here in jalapa.. but you never know.. the brother that normally cuts the churches lawn, fractured his leg.. i saw him on his crutches hopping around edging...... haha so i we ended up doing everything for him.. it was nice to cut a lawn again after so long.. i really enjoyed it!!!! also this week we did a super house clean up... im even thinkin my mom would have passed it for how clean we got it.. we swept, mopped, scrubbed, used Clorox, and some other toxic chemicals.. you can really tell the difference.. the spirt does dwell in cleaner places! it was just kinda nasty cleaning the toilet and stuff like that without gloves.. haha... but we got er done!! Like i said, we clean it every 3 years whether it needs it or not...... i did an on the spot lesson in Sunday school yesterday.. i taught alittle on the plan of salvation, with a twist on the Gospel of JC.. the pic with the twin little girls has a funny story.. i have know this family for a few months now.. and just the other day i realized that they had twins.. the main reason is because they dress them just the same.. and i have never seen them together.. haha.. so when i saw them together it was really shocking!! and its super hard to take a pic of them together, because one of them runs every time she sees a camera.. thats why the pic is of us in a big group.. we had ward council meeting yesterday afternoon.. as we ended i made a video of everyone passing me saying their name and calling.. now we know everyone by name and face.. and durring the meeting we passed a paper around so they could jot down their phone numbers.. look out barrio Minerva here we come!!!

references are to baptisms, as contacts are to ______?_______...........

Elder Oakey

Udall, getting his floor shine on!!

the most chill work in the world!!

the district

sunday school..

Honduranian dinner from elder Lagos

every 3 years, whether it needs it or not

key foucs, the 2 cute twins

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