Thursday, May 12, 2011

can you hear me now?
this week in district meeting i gave a lesson on one of the Christlike attributes, la paciencia.. patience is a virtue.. hehe.. last Monday we also watched the best 2 years! i have not seen that for about 4 years.. this time was hilarious.. Conchis is getting better just so you know. it was super cool talking to my mommy on mothers day!! i was glad to know that everything was fine with the fam... we tried really hard this week.. we ended up knocking alot of doors.. not the best way, but it works.. week 6 of the change.. wow that flew by.. i need to make sure im doing everything i can before this time runs out.. we taught a man named Jorge this week. he is around 25 years old. he didnt want to say the prayer, and he told us he didnt want to do it because he had never prayed out loud before.. the appointment before he said he would pray the next time.. so this day was this next time.. but he still said that he didnt want to. little by little we explained about prayer, and to make a long story short he ended up praying out loud this night.. i could feel the spirit in that moment and i know Jorge felt that same thing.. i was really proud of Jorge for praying. i know he is going to pray more now!! i was teaching English class on Saturday night and i was writing down questions with my answers.. on of the questions was "when are you most happy?"... my answer was - i am most happy when i am with my family-, as i said this out loud to the class i almost choked up.. but i held my cool.. but its true, im really most happy when i am with my family.. although i cannot be with my family right now.. i know they love and support me.. and as Zach said, "we leave our families for 2 years so we can help families be together forever!" dont be afraid to bear your testimony to everyone.. if we never tell them they will never know..
haz lo justo..
Elder Oakey

we can't vote but we can rep..

(don't worry, shirts are not worn in the street. I didn't want to get shot)
The best 2 years, staring a vacuum cleaner!


singing for the Mommy's


cooking at the presidents house.

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