Monday, May 23, 2011

last Wednesday we went to the temple!! it was super sweet as normal.. elder shipley and i were doing work for brothers!!

ill let elder shipley tell the story.. haha Wednesday- so we went to the temple in the morning. we had to wake up at 4 am. so early. then we headed over there and it was really neat. elder oakey and I sat next to each other and we looked at our cards and saw that they were brothers. it was so neat. how cool is that. brothers are finally going through the temple and getting their work done and were sitting next to each other. so that made it pretty special. then after the temple we went out of there. my comp and another elder did another session so me and elder oakey left on divisions. when we left the temple there were about 50 gringos. it was so weird. they were from byu Idaho and were touring down here in Guatemala. it was so neat talking to them and we had a good time laughing and all. ps it was like 40 girls 10 guys. lucky for them haha. their teacher called them on the bus and they were about to leave when me and oakey were thinking, hmm i really wanted a photo. and he did too. ha so we ran to the bus and he got on the microphone and said, is it cool if we take a pic with you guys. they all screamed yes. so we got in the middle of the bus and the girls were like can we touch you guys, and a guy yelled, “no they’re missionaries”. haha it was just so dang funny. but we took a pic so it was good.

haha elder shipley is a funny man.. haha

so after the temple we headed to the zoo!! the zoo is super cool i decided!! i really didnt remember how narley the zoo was.. it brought back some memories.. at the end of our zoo experience we hopped into the bumper cars and had a laugh attack for about 5 min..!! haha what a blast!! we also had our last zone conference with pres.. it was very different from the zone conferences before..... hehe my comp bonilla received a English certificate!! he is a very good English studyer.. were havin a baptism this month, with abby!! im so happy for her.. remember, she is the girlfriend of a member.... well, they ended up getting married!! which is a good thing! about a month ago we tried to put a baptismal date with her, and she strait up said no... but we kept on teaching her and she was coming to church and doing her part.. this week we visited her. i felt the strongest feeling to ask her again.. i asked her, "Abby, will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized on the 28 of this month". with tears in her eyes almost before i was done asking her she said yes!! she was able to feel and have a testimony of what we were teaching her! her husband Oscar has really helped also to answer all of her questions!! it works, it really does!!

Tennessee Ernie Ford- 16 Tons

Conchis was listening to and singing the song grandpa and i always sang (but in Spanish).. i owe my soul to the company store!! haha.. i was singing it in English and she was singing it in Spanish, it was pretty cool!!

all right that's a wrap...

we've got everything!!

webb presdents, the luck challenge

flat top tommy


dont worry were at the zoo

divisions with Price


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